A seasoned design and product lead with nearly 30 years of experience across various fields. I bring together design management, product management, strategy, futures thinking, and systems thinking to help teams and organizations navigate an increasing uncertainty and design for the preferable future.

  • More than 25 years of experience
  • 8 years in building, managing, and scaling cross-functional teams
  • 10 years in coaching and mentoring
  • Startup, agency, and corporate experience; B2B + B2C
  • Strong stakeholder management
  • Defining organizational, product, and CX vision and strategy
  • Facilitation of multidisciplinary, cross-organizational efforts
  • Strategy, futures thinking, and systems thinking

Since 2020 I am working in Zalando as a Product Design Manager. As part of the Fashion Store digital experience, I am responsible for the Product Design team focused on inspiration & engagement. In the recent past, as the first product designer in Contentful, I lead strategic design efforts and helped the company to build the product, and grow design capabilities from scratch. Before joining Contentful, I co-owned a small service design consultancy, where I helped clients to define their strategies, and product and service offerings.

I consider myself to be a pluralist and I feel comfortable working across boundaries of any kind. I’m exploring the crossroads of multiple disciplines, such as product management, service and experience design, speculative design, system thinking, strategic foresight, and ethics. All this makes me a generalist, but I do specialize in something — being comfortable with the unknown and being able to navigate uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

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