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Hello. I am an interaction designer with 20 YEARS of EXPERIENCE in designing and developing digital products & services


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Although it's always nice to see screenshots of a final product, the process of arriving at the final design is far more important. For this reason, each project in my portfolio is explained through a small case study that shows a design process and example artifacts.

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Tabula rasa

All the clients want answers. They want one answer, to be more precise. The right, the perfect, the ultimate answer. That’s why they hire you, from their point of view. Your boss, managers, peers — they all want answers. It’s tempting to immediately respond to a challenge and provide an answer and prove your expertise,… View Article

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Public speaking

I often speak on conferences in the country and sometimes in the region. My talks are focused on explaining various aspects of design processes. Besides this, I often organize design workshops for design teams and companies.

The book

I co-authored Smashing Book 2 with the chapter Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping. It describes the process of moving from abstract ideas to concrete solutions and explains the workflow, tools and techniques available when designing user interfaces.


I run a tiny design agency with my wife. It’s a harmonized team of two experienced professionals helping worldwide clients create their digital products and services.

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