Hallo. Ich hei├če Janko.

I am an experience designer from Belgrade that helps companies shape their businesses, processes, products and services. My background is in engineering, but I have been designing interfaces for the last 13 years. During the last 5 years I broadened my interests to User Experience design.

More than 20 years of crafting software products

During the late '80s my father was working as a software engineer - one of the first of that kind in Yugoslavia. I was fascinated with this new digital world and that fascination hasn't faded to this day. We had a PC 286 with 510KB of RAM and 20MB hard disk. It was a beast!

But the beast was tamed quickly. In the early '90s my cousin and I created our first software product and were successfuly selling it for 5 years. Since then I worked as a solution developer and user interface designer for small and large companies and led many product development teams.

Today, I run a small design studio with my wife, who is also an experience designer. Our clients are varied, from small companies and startups to enterprise businesses. Even though our work relies on User Centered Design process, we are leaning towards what we call The holistic process - considering human behavior in non-anthropocentric context. As generalists and business owners, we do all the work by ourselves: negotiating with clients, defining UX strategy, user research, analysis and synthesis, prototyping, testing and more.

Besides client work, I love to speak at conferences, mentor young designers and startups, write occasionally on my blog. I had the great pleasure of writing a chapter in Smashing Book 2 "Sketching, wireframing and prototyping" and writing several blog posts for Smashing Magazine.

Early years of my career aren't wasted at all. I successfully use my former experience in development and early enterpreneurship, both in my design process and in communication with engineering teams.