Designing a new product offering for a money exchange company

In 2013, one of the biggest independent foreign exchange businesses (the client name and the project details are disclosed), asked my design studio to design a mobile app for travelers. The goal was to create a new product offering that would go beyond the boundaries of their core business model (which is the money transfer and exchange) and help straighten the brand, and on the other hand, offer their customers new possibilities while traveling.

The vision and the research were already done and set by the client. We ran a series of workshops with their key stakeholders and product teams. A few alternative concepts were prototyped and refined through rapid prototyping and testing cycles. The winning concept was a mobile application that allowed travelers to exchange money and get tips about cities and their local cultures to better orient themselves. Since I am mostly removed from the hands-on design, it was a rare opportunity for me to craft the design concept in details.

The concept we created evolved into a company's standard product offering.

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