CheckAction project management application

Client: CheckAction Ltd, Work in progress

CheckAction is an enterprise project management tool that helps IT companies and IT departments in large companies plan and execute projects with more success. My agency is fully engaged with CheckAction and we designed the product from scratch. Currently, we are working on bringing the next version of CheckAction to life, with lots of improvements.

CheckAction App

Kapta execution management application

Client: Kapta Systems, 2011-2013

Kapta is an execution management system that allows companies to align, track & execute their business goals. In 2011 I was hired as an UI consultant and designed the application from scratch. Kapta Systems is one of our long term clients.

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WorkETC business management application

Client: WorkETC Pty Ltd., 2012

WORK etc is a platform for businesses that integrates CRM, sales, project management, billing and product management. My team was hired to help WorkETC redesign their application and suggest design for new features. We improved existing features and workflows. One of the biggest challanges was to redesign complex web forms and interaction-heavy parts of the system. The application got new look and feel and got quite positive reactions form existing users.

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DailyReport enterprise applicaton

Client disclosed, 2011

I redesigned Daily Report application while I was working for one of my past employers. The initiative came from my side after I identified that tracking time in the company had a lot of problems. I simplified a complicated flow of filling timesheet which was time consuming. A boring, repetative task became an engaging activity with the new scoring system. Confusing categorisation of projects and activities was redesigned completely.

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BlogEngine.NET blogging platform

Client: BlogEngine.NET, 2010

BlogEngine.NET is an open source blogging platform developed with ASP.NET that targets developers focused on Microsoft technologies. The team behind the platform hired me to redesign the administration panel. I made a series of usability tests with existing and potential customers and identified major pain points with the existing interface. The new admin panel had better information architecture and was easier to use.

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